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Social Emotional Learning

Second Step

Social Emotional Learning: Second Step

Get Everyone on the Same Team

Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) provides language and tools, from perspective-taking to calming down techniques, that everyone can use—on the playground, in the classroom, from school to school, and at home. All members of the community can use its lessons, concepts, and skill sets to reinforce competencies and help children solve everyday challenges.

Use Language that Builds Relationships

Learning words for feelings, emotions, and interpersonal dynamics is the first step in working with others and resolving conflict. It can be challenging for kids to convey the emotions they experience. With Second Step, they’ll get the tools to find common ground, become more self-sufficient, solve problems on their own, and ask for help in a productive way.

Work Together to Build a Positive School Climate

When we all use the same words—for emotions, situations, and behavioral dynamics—it promotes empathy and understanding between students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community. Second Step provides a shared emotional vocabulary that can create lasting systemic change.

Second Step